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Located at Sandingan Island, Loon, Bohol, is a Caribbean-inspired haven called Bohol Vacation House. This vacation house for rent with beachfront view is offered for your vacation pleasure. It offers a private bliss to both domestic and international tourists who want to unwind and get away from it all, or to those who simply want to enjoy what life has to offer and succumb the blessings the Almighty has created. Staying in your own vacation rental house provides you with hotel type luxuries with the privacy of your own home, on a more affordable budget. In addition, being true to its offer of a worry free vacation, when you rent the house it comes with a maid service, full meals, and other amenities that you have at your own homes. Family and friends can take advantage of what Bohol Vacation House has to offer, since not only can this two storey house accommodate at least 20 persons, it offers as well an array of optional activities such as snorkeling, diving, kayaking, a guided day tour and many more.

Stay in your own vacation rental house and reward yourself to a luxurious yet affordable well-earned get away. Stay in Bohol Vacation House!

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